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Polypropylene Twine. The most popular general-purpose tying twine. 


We carry all popular sizes, and stock deep inventory. 

Tyger twine.

We are master distributors of Tyger twine, the premier brand of poly twine.


We stock:

all popular sizes

slit-film twine construction

monofilament twine (spiral wrap) twine


For more information, see:

Tuff Tying.

Built to the specifications of Tyger twine, Tuff Tying is our own brand. 


Available in two ply and three ply, replacing the sizes which were discontinued by Tyger in 2013.


2 ply:  4200 ft. per box.


3 ply: 2800 ft. per box.


10 lb boxes, packed 4 boxes per master carton.

Tie Rite.

Tie Rite is our own brand of imported tying twine. 


Economical, yet reliable.


Available in:


1 ply

2 ply

3 ply


One tube per box, no master case.

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