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Sausage twine (hilo de pastelas)


A&A sells more sausage twine than anyone else in the USA.

(Well, to the best of our knowledge). 

Our sausage twine is made up for us to our spec, which is: 

  • 100% cotton, which makes it totally FDA compliant  (as per Code Number 177.2800 in the code of federal regulations).

  • 4 ply, which is strong enough to hold the sausage,

  • Open end spinning, which ensures that it is weak enough to break by hand

  • Convenient 1/6 lb ball, center pull

  • Made in the USA. Consistent quality, and a true, untainted, 100% cotton. 

30 balls per box / 6 boxes per master case


Our standard put up.

15 balls per bag / 12 bags per master case


Wrapped in ultra-durable shrink film, these sturdy and convenient packages allow for full product visibility, to increase sales.

Bulk in a box.
3600 balls.


Most economical way to buy it. 


Good for heavy sausage eaters.  :)

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